Motion Design

Spotify Playlist - Spinnin Records

When Spinnin Records needed a commercial for their Spotify Playlists, we came up with this plan.
Spotify Playlist - Spinnin Records
In: Motion Design, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Octane

I received a message to check for my availability when spring was just around the corner, early 2017.

The assignment was, can you create a commercial for Spinnin Records to promote their latest Spotify playlist.

Having worked with Spinnin Records over the years, mainly on 3D animated music videos, I got excited; I knew they had an excellent feel for style and design.

What they needed was a commercial to promote their new playlist, the target audience being a youthful demographic in the Mexican market, and carried the tagline “Intensify your Weekend.”

Get the concept where you need it.

The first step is the creation of a storyboard and a moodboard.

I have found over the years that having both is the best way to communicate what I plan to do for the project.

On this project, Lesley Quist was working as the Art Director at Spinnin Records, and after seeing the storyboard and moodboard, and having a little back and forth, I got approved on the concept.

Going into Production.

Having that blessing, I go into the stylesheet creation, which is several images of the final quality of the project.

Those are used as talking points before I kick into high gear animation production.

Simultaneously I get started on creating the animatic of the animation, which is a rough version of the 3D animation.

The voice actor also uses the animatic as a timing video for the voice-over recording.

These four steps combined are the perfect tools to make sure when you see the project go into the full production stage.

Time to be released in the wild.

The full project runtime was three weeks, and in the third week, it was ready to be deployed on Spinnin Records' social platforms as paid advertisements.

The project has had a high return on investment for Spinnin Records and promoted the brand in excellence to its new market segment on the Spotify platform.

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