Rotterdam - Triathlon

For the World Championships Triathlon in Rotterdam, there needed to be a course animation to show the different routes that could be taken for all the disciplines.
Rotterdam - Triathlon
In: Environments, Motion Design, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Character, X-Particles, Octane

The ask from the client was simple: Can you build an accurate representation of the City of Rotterdam, and show the routes for the Rotterdam Triathlon?

To create the environment, I exported parts of Google Maps 3D data of Rotterdam, and I used that as the framework on which I built the 3D city.

Then having Google Maps open my second screen, I ping-ponged back and forth to get all the details right.

After having built a slice of the city, I needed to stitch the storyline together, so to introduce separated course elements, I chose to add these stylized character animations.

The animation was a success, and a year later, I was asked to update the course and data for another year of promotional content.

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