Visual Effects

Qatar Airways - FIFA World Cup

Working as part of the teams of 180 Kingsday and MPC, I had the focus on R&D the look of the goals and placing them in the scenes.
Qatar Airways - FIFA World Cup
In: Visual Effects, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Fusion Studio, Redshift
Through my Behance portfolio, I received a request to track a 3D model into a live-action commercial for Qatar Airways.

I got approached by 180 Kingsday to see if I had the availability to join their excellent team.

The task, help us create this commercial for Qatar Airways, to solidify their sponsoring of the FIFA World Cup.

Within this project, I started working on doing the research and development of the look of the goal.

They had a general idea of how it would look in 2D, but to translate that to 3D took some iterating.

After completing the model and having all parties on board, 3D asset, I started working on the look development of the shaders and seeing how the model would hold up in the live-action plate.

The final step was the integration of the assets into the live-action plates, which I did with the Cinema 4D Camera Tracking tools and Fusion Studio.

Fusion Studio is also where I did the final comp before sending it off to the Flame Pipeline in London of MPC.

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