Heineken - Commerce Week Event

Working on the largest internal Heineken event, and creating 50-meter expansive environments to tell the story.
Heineken - Commerce Week Event
In: Environments, Experiences, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift
The project involved creating three ultrawide backgrounds that would transition into each other with camera movements, and display on a 50-meter widescreen.
The environments are placed in context in this video.

Structure of the project

I was hired by Viewmasters to create content for an annual internal presentation by Heineken, a project led by the FX Agency.

Presenting all annual results in a fun and engaging manner is the idea behind the event. The event was quite a memorable one for attendees.

The breakdown of scenes

All of the scenes I worked on were tied to a sub-brand of Heineken and a theme associated with it.

Three different scenes were created, which consisted of a transition-in, a loop-hold, and a transition-out animation.


A big challenge for me in this project was creating a pixel-perfect transition between the scenes.  

Working with a front-facing camera flattens the perspective image output of the camera and helped me accomplish this.  

Second, the project was all about switching from one scene to another seamlessly.

This was done with a combination of techniques used in one-shot films and videos to hide transitions between scenes.


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