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Deniz Koyu - Three Music Videos

Spinning Records asked me to create a series of 3D animated music videos working with artwork made by Beeple for EDM DJ Deniz Koyu.
Deniz Koyu - Three Music Videos
In: Motion Design, Music Video, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Octane, X-Particles, Particles & FX
At the tail end of 2018, Spinning Records approached me to create a series of 3D animated music videos.
The artist, EDM producer, and DJ, Deniz Koyu, had worked on a couple of new tracks and needed a 3D animated video to match his music.
Deniz Koyu in his Studio.

Getting to work with your design heroes.

Deniz Koyu already had his sights set on a style of design, a style best made by the world-renown Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple.

Beeple is best known for his so-called everydays, where he creates an artwork per day and is already going on for fourteen years.

I have always had great admiration for Beeple, so getting to work with his artwork and setup was a fun assignment for me.

Beeple supplied me with the project files he used to create the cover, and that was the starting point for me to build on.

Creativity is born when you are planning with constraints.

As with most 3D animated music videos, time is a constraint that makes it super important to start with a smart plan.

For a music video in this style, the best approach is to create small video clips, which I then cut to the beat.

This way of working is something I learned in my time doing Live Visuals at events. It translates well, creating a 3D animated music video.

Dialing in the look is always fun.

Usually, I start this off the working process by creating a set of images to define the art style and to create a talking point.

In this series, I could skip this step as Beeple already did the hard work for me. Instead, I could dive in straight ahead and create a slice of animation.

Which I then cut to the beat, and was quite close to the final result.

I use this as a talking point to discuss how it works for this music video and what type of 3D animation works well.

Communication is the key to a creative workflow.

Part of my job is the ability to explain what is the best use of the budget and focus my energy on those tasks.

The creation process time was split between Cinema 4D for the 3D animation and doing the editing of the video clips in After Effects.

While working, I noticed that layering in glitch effects complemented the style, and helped with the synchronization to the music.

Deniz Koyu had some excellent ideas for the editing on the beat. After I wrapped up, Deniz Koyu continued working on the music videos in Final Cut, layering all kinds of effects on top of the music videos.

Time for the final delivery.

The final versions of the 3D animated music videos for Deniz Koyu were delivered in a couple of days.

Working together with such a multi-talented artist was a fun and refreshing experience.

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