👋 Hi, I'm Coen Brasser!

A Freelance 3D Generalist, that loves Environments and Visual Effects.
👋 Hi, I'm Coen Brasser!
I love exploring environments, on and off work. 
In my practice, I work as a Freelance 3D Generalist, direct with clients, or as an expert within a team. 
Things that make my day in no particular order: Getting a look of approval from a stranger's dog, stormy days while I sit inside behind a wall of monitors, and outdoorsy activities that raise my heartbeat.

Cinema 4D

I love working with Cinema 4D, and the Maxon suite is my central hub for creating 3D content.

After Effects

After Effects has been my first animation love, and I have been using that for more than 15 years now. Nowadays, I use it mainly as my main compositing tool and to add secondary animation to my 3D Animation work.

Fusion Studio

For the more complicated Visual Effects shots, I use Fusion Studio.

Redshift & Octane

GPU rendering has been my focus since 2014, starting with Octane. Since 2017 Redshift is my go-to engine for 90% of the projects. Although I don't shy away from other render engines for particular jobs.

Particles & Simulations

With Insydium X-Particles and their Fused Bundle, I create most of my particle and visual effects shots. And when needed I compliment that with Houdini and Realflow simulations.

I'm a true generalist and love taking scenes from start to finish.

My favorite jobs let me learn about complicated processes, create environments to explore those concepts, and present them in an easy-to-understand fashion.
My approach to work and planning is systematic; I love challenging myself and have a weak spot for productivity apps.
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