Visual Effects

A. Vogel - TVC

It was a dream come true when I received the briefing to shoot up minty tornados up this actor's nose.
A. Vogel - TVC
In: Visual Effects, Motion Design, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Octane, X-Particles, Particles & FX

For this TV Commercial, I got the briefing to create minty tornadoes up a woman's nose, which was a dream come true for me, seeing these kinds of commercials all my life.

After having seen these types of commercials all my life, actually getting to work on one back in 2016 was a joyful moment for me.

The creation process started with creating believable leaf models and getting those shaded. After which I got to work on the animations to sketch out all the motion and do post work on the development of the poster design for print.

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